Jacopo Lupi

Ceramics made with high-temperature stoneware, fireclay, porcelain, and other materials. Fired in traditional wood fueled kilns.

Lupi’s pieces address the contrast between the impermanence inherent in the nature of everything in comparison to the transience of the human being. This substantial dilemma between a sense of impermanence and immortality is expressed with configurations and sets of elements that hinge on a story of movement and pressure, strength and delicacy. The symbolic force of these works takes space from the illusory sense of ineffable orders of magnitude and megalophobia experienced by the author when approaching huge or tiny physical entities.

The interest in brutalist architectural structures and arid slabs that evoke territorial domination derives from the experience of living in urban contexts where the disruptive changes of the last 40 years have left the marks of a strong visual and anthropological process. These experiences have created a sense of place in his practice, increasing his fascination with construction and continuity of form.